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What are the Costs of Housing Credit?

Best mortgage loans Oregon: buying a house with a mortgage loan has a set of expenses, which are divided between the expenses of the Housing Credit and the expenses of the Home Purchase.

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Housing Credit expenses are related to the loan itself and the commissions for the provision of services. Thus, when hiring a Mortgage the costs do not depend only on the amount of financing, interest rates or the term of the loan. They also result from a set of costs that include, for example, expenses of opening the process of Housing Credit, the evaluation committee, commissions for early cancellation, among others.

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The main costs of the Housing Credit can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Interest
  2. Insurance
  3. Commissions
  4. Mortgage Costs
  5. Loan Repayments
  6. Amendments to the Contract

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The costs of the Housing Loan and the initial commissions must be communicated to the clients, both in the initial phase of analysis of the Mortgage Loan process and throughout the life of the loan. The costs of the Housing Credit are also available for consultation in the Pricing and Standardized Information Sheet, which is delivered with the Credit Simulation.

What are Interest Costs?

Mortgage loan rates today Oregon: When requesting a Loan, you will have to pay back not only the amount you borrowed but also the interest generated during the duration of the Credit Agreement. The interest is the amount that will pay for the money that was loaned to him and they are also what weighs more in the total set of the expenses of a Housing Credit.

Home mortgage loan rates Oregon

When hiring a Housing Loan you must also have the costs of the Insurance, as these represent a part of the monthly charges.

Best mortgage loan rates Oregon

In the Housing Credit there is 2 compulsory insurance:

Life Insurance Housing – It is mandatory to contract a Life Insurance that guarantees the payment of the debt in case of disability or death of the holders of the Loan. The value of Life Insurance is calculated according to the insurance capital (should correspond to the loan amount) and the age of the proponents.

Multi-risk Housing Insurance – It is also mandatory insurance and protects the property against any damages. The minimum insured capital for this insurance is generally the value of reconstruction of the property and among the required coverages are the protection against Fire and Nature Phenomena. The value of Property Insurance is calculated based on the insurance capital and the location of the property.

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If you want to get more information about Mortgage Insurance, see the Mortgage Insurance section.

What Commissions Are Charged In online mortgage loans Oregon?

Bank charges are the amounts charged for the provision of services associated with the Housing Credit. They include, for example, the opening of the credit process, analysis and study of the operation, evaluation committee, request service, among others.

  • Evaluation Committee – Without evaluation of the property, it is not possible to decide or grant a Loan. So this is one of the initial costs you will have to bear. The appraisal committee of the property may be charged even if the loan is not approved.
  • Opening Committee – Refers to the charges for the opening of the Housing Credit process, analysis and study of the operation.
  • Commission for the Preparation of Contractual Documentation – Refers to the costs of preparing the contractual documentation of the Housing Credit.
  • Solicitor Service – Refers to the costs of preparing the documentation related to the Property (in addition to obtaining the provisional records, includes obtaining the remaining necessary documentation).
  • Provision Processing Committee (Monthly) – I will deal with the processing of the service and sending the monthly notice of payment of the benefits.
  • Costs with other Bank Products and Services – Refers to charges for the subscription of other Banking Products or Services requested by the Bank to benefit from promotional conditions in the Housing Credit. In the case of the Housing Credit, there is no provision for the presentation to Customers of additional products for a subscription with the contracting of the Housing Credit.

What are the Costs with the house mortgage loan Oregon?

On the day of the deed, in addition to the costs related to the acquisition of the property, there are also costs related to the contracting of the mortgage. Are they:

  • Deed of Mortgage with Mortgage (costs vary, among other factors, depending on the amount of loan requested).
  • Notary fees related to Mortgage.
  • The Stamp Tax corresponding to a rate of 6% of the amount of credit used.

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The early amortization of the Loan is defined by law and may entail the following costs:

Costs with the Partial Amortization of the Loan (when a portion of the Loan is amortized)

  • In Housing Credit agreements with Variable Interest Rate: 0.5% of the capital reimbursed.
  • In Housing Credit agreements with fixed interest rate: 2% of the capital reimbursed.
  • Costs with the Total Amortization of the Loan (when the loan is paid in full)

  • Mortgage Contracts with Variable Interest Rate: 0.5% of the capital reimbursed.
  • Fixed Interest Rate Housing Credit Agreements: 2% of the capital reimbursed.

Are there any Contract Change Costs?

During the Loan, clients may, at any time, request the negotiation of contracted conditions. An example of this is the request to change the Interest Rate of the Loan (for example, when it is intended to change from a Variable Rate to a Fixed Rate), the extension or reduction of the Loan Term, reduction of the spread, (eg when it is intended to switch from 12-month Euribor to 6-month Euribor) the change in the mode of repayment of the loan installments (for example, when a capital shortage period is requested). Any such request implies a change to the contract and, as such, such amendment must be accepted by the Financial Institution.

As the Financial Institution can not unilaterally change the conditions, an amendment to the contract implies acceptance by both parties. If both parties agree to change conditions, then no commission will be charged, nor can the Financial Institution make the renegotiation of conditions conditional on the subscription of other financial products or services.