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It seems that everyone can apply for financing, but when it comes to evaluating the process, banking institutions, which are demanding in their essence (and increasingly after the outbreak of the economic and financial crisis), act like employers: almost your CV to fine-tune to assess how desirable your track record is vis-a-vis that of another candidate. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that the application will be approved, taking into account the factors under analysis.

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To make known how to become a five-star suitor, we quickly reveal which five factors banks value for a mortgage loan.

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Being too young is not well-regarded by banks, especially if it is someone who has never asked for a loan and given proof that he can afford it.

Banks know full well that a young man’s life can change from day to day, and that he is even less confident that he is still in his first job. Your age is thus a risk factor, either because it is too low or even, in other cases, because it is too high.

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Therefore, the greater the financial and professional strength shown by a person, the greater the likelihood of obtaining credit, since the institutions know that they will be able to pay their installments continuously.

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It is precisely here that comes to the concept of effort rate, which banks calculate to gauge their financial capacity to meet their burdens. Note also (and this is very important) that the higher your income, the easier it will be to see the credit approved since the budget availability is higher.

If you already have some financing in your names, such as housing credit, or car loan, consider consolidating all credits so that you can more easily meet all of these costs.

Hint: Be reasonable. If you ask for a loan that is too high and you quickly realize that it is beyond your means, you will be very unlikely to see it accepted. Bad credit mortgage loans Mississippi: Even for you (or your household), this is not a desirable situation. If you require credit for a car, for example, do not apply for Jaguar financing when you can only have one Renault. Banks are not the golden egg hen.

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This is one more positive element that goes into approval, especially if you have mortgage credit because, in the minds of banks, it comes to be seen as having the ability to pay installments and as being a responsible individual.
Also note that if your property is in a valued area, the bank will see you with other eyes because you made a good deal.

Best mortgage loan rates Mississippi

If you’ve even borrowed credit in the past, but have always been a good payer, then the banks perceive you as a decent customer – who does not fear! If you have never had incidents with any public body (Social Security, Finance, etc.), and even more so with the Bank of USA, then you can rest assured that it is not on the “blacklist”.

Advice: above all, be responsible. A credit is a heavy financial burden and must meet your obligations on time and hours. If you have already been in default in the past, know how to return to good financial behavior.

Factors 5 and 6: History can plot you …

No, we are not talking about the incidents again, but about the fact that, in the past, we never asked for credit. Did you know that some institutions do not like to give loans to clients they do not know?

In this sense, here comes a kind of older relationship that you may have with the bank and that can be quite favorable. But we reinforce the idea that you mustn’t have non-compliant benefits.

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Advice: It is often said that people understand each other, so we advise you to be transparent and provide the bank with all the information you need to assess your situation and speed up your process. Nothing like being honest and thus gaining the trust of creditors, which will also increase your credibility.

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These are the key principles and factors that will enable you to become a favorite target as well as the best advice we can give you. Move from the impossible to the probable in what regards to being a preferred customer.

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Finally, and as always, we can not help but advise you to compare (you already know how and when to compare?), Since banks are not all the same. There will be institutions that fit more to your profile and your needs than others – make simulations and try to know the different products that are offered.