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Risks for the planned financing of real estate. Borrowers often opt for a wrong repayment. Either this is too low and there is too much residual debt at the end of the fixed interest rate (interest rate risk), or the repayment is too high. This, of course, leads to lower residual debt, but the monthly burden can lead to an empty purse and/or personal pressure to pay the agreed annuity.

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The fixed interest rate is too short or too long. Particularly first-time financiers have often seldom dealt with the events of interest rate developments in the past. This leads to a large interest rate risk, d. H. if the commitments are too short and interest rates are rising, the burden of prolongation (prolongation) is many times higher. If the interest rate market and the fixing of the lending rates are running long, then the borrower loses a lot of money over the years.

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Beware of hidden clauses. Straight free financial brokers or banking houses have div. Clauses in financing contracts, which are not “every day”, u. a. the sale of the loan to third parties. This practice is often available in other states, d. H. Credit institutions that want to improve their balance sheets or require liquid funds sell loan agreements to other banks and receive financial compensation. Such a sale does not require the consent of the borrower. The big disadvantage is that besides the previous contact, rights and obligations of the financier can change.

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Secure real estate financing is no magic. It is important that as a future real estate tycoon you also deal with the matter of financing. Do not trust the first offer, but compare. Take a look into the future and do not just trust the actual situation. Where is the interest rate market going? How high is the risk for me in 10, 20 or 30 years? etc.

Also, equity is more essential than ever. If you want to finance in the long term, the purchase costs must be paid in advance. It is not worth financing non-value added real estate costs. Also, you minimize the risk of interest rate changes! You see, good financing is very easy with a bit of eye-catching and common sense.

Questions that are asked frequently during the consultation about mortgage loan rates today Connecticut:

How much credit can I afford? How long does it take to get the construction loan? These and many other questions are very frequently asked in the consultation before mortgage lending. All answers can be found here:

How much building credit can I afford?

How much credit you can afford as a borrower for the construction of houses, depends on the amount of equity, the total amount of house construction costs and the monthly financial capacity to repay the installments. What is important here is how high the monthly income of the client or borrower is – how much money he can spend on the repayment of the building loan or loan per month.

How much building loan do I get?

The amount that a bank will grant as a loan or credit depends on the financing plan submitted, the total cost of ownership and the equity interest, as well as the collateral provided by the borrower.

How much building loan can I take up?

This question is quickly answered: depending on the amount of equity and the total cost, the amount of credit that a bank will grant. It should be noted that, in addition to equity, the borrowed capital is payable in monthly installments during the term of the loan. A detailed financing plan gives you an overview of the current financial situation. Also, contact your financial advisor to discuss this issue in detail.

How does a house mortgage loan in Connecticut work?

In the case of a construction loan, a loan with fixed or variable interest rates and a limited-term is repaid to the bank or credit institution for monthly mortgage loans. The loan amount is calculated by the total cost of the construction project less the equity contribution.

How long will it take to get online mortgage loans in Connecticut?

The duration of the approval of a construction loan or mortgage loan depends on the lender and the documents submitted. If a detailed financing plan is available and enough equity is provided by the borrower, the grant can be made relatively quickly.