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The balance between construction cost, construction financing, and creditworthiness. For the lender, there is a financial risk that the principal comes to financing problems in the repayment of mortgage lending with interest and repayment.

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The worst case is the foreclosure sale of the property. To be on the safe side here, the mortgage lending is secured by a first-ranking land registry. First-ranking means that the proceeds of a compulsory sale are the first to be used for the building loan. Since the foreclosure proceeds are, according to experience, significantly lower than the sales proceeds on the free real estate market, the financier limits the amount of mortgage lending and thus his credit default risk to as a rule 70 percent plus-minus the construction cost. From experience, the lender knows that he is on the safe side with this proportionate mortgage lending.

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Now it depends on whether, for example, a 70% mortgage lending with the planned construction on the one hand and the creditworthiness of the builder with his monthly income, on the other hand, is compatible. The revenue must be sufficient to cover the expenses. If this is not the case, the expenditure side, ie the construction cost, must be reduced. This is the painful point where so many ideas and wishes of the client are left behind.

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The mortgage lending consists of the two cost types of interest and amortization. Also, there is a monthly contribution to term life insurance. With it, the builder secures the mortgage lending and his family members. If he dies as the main earner during the ongoing construction financing, then the current balance of the construction loan will be replaced. The property is immediately debt-free so that the survivors can continue to live there.

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The construction loan and insurance contribution should not exceed the comparable basic rent, which the client would pay or pay as a tenant. The ancillary costs according to the operating costs Ordinance BetrKV become in the home to operating costs, and energy and water costs here and there to pay in approximately the same amount. Based on this reasonable monthly charge for the client, the house bank calculates backward and thus determines the amount of acceptable mortgage lending. This happens as part of the client’s credit check. His personal and economic circumstances are, as they say, scrutinized.

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The decisive factor is a contractually secured workplace and the permanently secure labor income in the appropriate amount. The financial situation has to be so stable that mortgage lending, ie debt service and contribution to life insurance, is guaranteed for the next two decades.

Best mortgage loan rates Colorado

This comparison of the eligible revenues and expenditures is the financing plan for the construction of the home. It can be optimally managed with an Excel spreadsheet and updated as needed. Any financing plan should be split into the two sections “target” and “actual”. Target is synonymous with planning. Is refers to the monetary settlement, speak to the liquidity. When will which expenses be due, for which the necessary income must be available at the exact time? At the same time, the additional and shortfalls in income are recorded in two additional columns, on the one hand, and the additional and reduced expenditures, on the other. With a final mouse click is netted, so that at a glance the exact mortgage lending is displayed daily.

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With its contribution, a noticeable five-digit amount can be saved. It is possible in all interior finishing work, from flooring to painter and painter to various installation work. Own labor saves craftsman’s costs as well as the pro-rata statutory value-added tax. In this respect, the own contribution can be calculated quite accurately.

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The decisive factor is that it is provided by the client and his team. If it comes to problems, then it must be refinanced. The work can not be rested or simply adjusted. Outsourcing to craftsmen increases construction costs. This has a direct impact both on the mortgage lender on the mortgage lending and the builder with an increase in the monthly payment for interest and repayment.

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The client can directly influence his monthly payload by choosing the best possible mortgage financing. For example, an initial 10-year interest rate fixation is realistic today. Due to the ECB’s low-interest-rate policy, construction rates are very low. The 1% repayment of the annuity loan will result in a lower monthly charge than a 2% repayment. The maturity of mortgage lending is accordingly longer. As it is called, can be turned on this set screw in the credit rating.

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The flexibility of good mortgage lending also includes the possibility of free special repayments at any time. These questions can also be solved well with the Financial Plan & Excel spreadsheet. The builder can count on his mortgage lending so well that in the end, all sides can live well with it. Thus, the dream of a home can be realized without major drawbacks. Everyone has an advantage. The house bank earns on mortgage lending, and the builder creates home ownership as the basis for later private retirement savings.

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